Growing Your Business Beyond the Greens

If you live in Vermont or spend any time here at all, you know it’s a special place. We are drawn here for many reasons, but some themes I’ve heard cited are:

…the quality of life, with abundant access to nature, fresh air and no traffic jams

…neighbors who are open-minded and always willing to lend a hand – or a cup of maple syrup

…a chance for our voices to be heard by the citizen legislature and at town meetings in the New England tradition

…an attitude of self-reliance and creativity, which leads to a very entrepreneurial spirit


Michelle Massa, the consultant behind Vital Assets Marketing, moved to Vermont in 2001 on a whim after finding herself “downsized” from the internet bubble that finally burst. After returning from graduate school in Belgium in 1999, she took a job at an internet start-up called, the first ever online B2B marketplace for semi-custom industrial parts. At that time, the market didn’t know what an “online marketplace” was. It was all new. We weren’t just building a company, we were building an entire new marketing channel that would revolutionize how semi-custom industrial parts were bought and sold. We did such a good job, a giant software company bought us up, and many of us were out of jobs.

Hello, Vermont and the start of Vital Assets Marketing! People say that if you can find a way to make a living in Vermont, it’s the best place on the planet to live. Are you one of those people who ditched corporate America in favor of doing your own thing in Vermont?

  • Do you have a product or service that you believe in with all your heart and want to bring to a broader market outside the Green Mountains – maybe even go international?
  • Do you need help figuring out what the best target market is, how to position your product for optimal sales and prioritizing the market opportunities?

Michelle Massa is passionate about all things Vermont – from the maple syrup that she produces from her land in east-central VT to mountain biking the miles of awesome single track throughout our region.

Determining the degree of “Vermonty-ness” to incorporate into a marketing strategy – or not at all – is an important question to ask. If you have a product that you produce in Vermont and want to grow beyond the Greens, request a consultation with Michelle to discuss your goals.