Organic Goes Beyond What We Consume.
It's A Values System.

Living an organic lifestyle can mean many things. Organic lives on a continuum that can include consumables to wearables to attitudes to politics. Consumers are passionate about living an organic lifestyle because it represents a values system, not simply a transaction at the market.

Marketing organic products has become more complicated in many ways because there is so much green-washing out there – companies peddling products advertised as "100% Natural" or "Made with X % Organic" and in reality, it's eroding the authentic organic products market. It's also confusing to customers looking for the real deal. Your message has to be crystal clear and resonate for these selective consumers in a crowded marketplace.

There are many ways to prove authenticity – including certifications and trade group associations – and having the right messaging and labeling for customers is key to developing a loyal customer base. Building community through social platforms is an effective way to create a two-way communication stream with your customers, to reinforce brand pillars and cultivate loyalty and brand champions. Having an outstanding, authentic product helps, too, of course.

Vital Assets Marketing helped to bring the first Certified Organic Liquid Castile soap base to U.S. market for private label producers, by working with the Soil Association in the UK and with QAI and the USDA in the U.S. Navigating USDA regulations and testing lab requirements was not easy, but it was an important step in authenticating a personal care product being sold into private label manufacturers clamoring for a certified organic product.

Vital Assets Marketing was a critical partner for Stephenson Personal Care UK in developing the private label market for certified organic body washes, shampoos and soaps. Draw on our experience in helping you bring your organic product to the right market. Positioning, segmentation, pricing, and distribution channels are all important pieces to the puzzle.