Market Research

Keeping track of the competition is often one of the most overlooked parts of a marketing program – whether it’s for your current portfolio or for a new product or service to be launched. There are new entrants and disruptors around every corner.

Strategy…Do you have a good sense of what your competition is doing in terms of new products, channel strategy, and promotion? Do you have a new product idea or want to expand into new markets and need a feasibility study?

Digital Presence…Is their digital presence or reputation stronger than yours – website, social, PR?

SEO Performance…Are they beating you on keyword performance in search engine results? Are you measuring your own keyword search performance?

Positioning…Are your competitors better positioned for market dominance than you are?

Vital Assets Marketing conducts in-depth competitive assessments in order to stay ahead of the competition. Assessments can be done for a verity of needs:

  • Competitive Landscape Assessment – for assessing current or new markets, obtain intelligence on what the landscape looks like for a broad market or specific niche segment.
  • Competitive Website Audit – look at various elements of competitors’ sites to look for opportunities for improvement, assess quality of sites and key attributes.
  • Brand Presence Audit – look at all aspects of a brand’s online presence, including social media channels, to determine the brand’s positioning and personality relative to competition.