The higher education industry is experiencing profound disruption – both in terms of content delivery methods to learners and the pricing models by which they pay. Whether at the undergraduate, graduate or executive education level, higher education models are shifting. Learners expect more value from their dollars invested in education, as well as more convenient options, such as distance or hybrid learning solutions. Consolidation is a given fact. Market share is up for grabs.

Here are a few questions for higher education providers to ponder:

Is our portfolio meeting the needs of the market now, and how strong is our unique selling proposition compared to traditional competitors and new non-traditional disruptors like consultancies, training companies and MOOCs?

Where is the market going and what does the competitive landscape look like for new offerings we could add to our portfolio?

Is our marketing budget giving us a good return on our investment, and are we using the right channels effectively to recruit new students/executive learners? Are we measuring the right metrics?

Vital Assets Marketing has experience working in the education sector, particularly in executive education and virtual learning initiatives. Past projects include school re-branding efforts, website strategy and project management, marketing planning including content strategy and development, and competitive market research.