Contract Marketing:
Flexible Solutions for Organizations Including Agencies

How do you scale up to meet the demands of a large strategic initiative without committing to a new hire?

Welcome to the ‘gig economy’, where independent contractors with vast expertise can be utilized for a short-term or long-term projects. 

Michelle Massa, consultant at Vital Assets Marketing, has been part of the gig economy for over 15 years. She refers to her services as flexible marketing firepower – which is key for organizations and agencies who need a strategic, yet flexible resource to meet a need. Working with Michelle as a marketing contractor means that you get the expertise of a seasoned practitioner, but on terms that can meet your budget and needs.

Michelle has contracted with companies in the UK as well as a top U.S. business school on a long-term basis on projects that include marketing strategy, business development, competitive assessments, re-branding, public relations, copywriting and management of website redesigns. If you would like to explore a contract marketing relationship, please request a consultation.